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28 Jan 2014

I had this whacky idea: could I build a Clojure program that could generate arbitrary Rick Rolling text? Turns out it wasn't as hard as I expected! Ok, so the text it generates isn't brilliant, but the code is incredibly simple.

05 Jan 2014

I'm 5 hours into my learn the guitar challenge and, whilst it can be really frustrating, I'm really enjoying it: cat & girlfriend not so much. I'm using Rocksmith 2014 to learn and it's proving to be really good: on initial load you pick what you want to learn (lead, rhythm, bass), calibrate your guitar (so that it's not too loud for the game), and then tune it.

01 Jan 2014

I can't move forward without looking back over 2013 and picking out my highlights.

24 Dec 2013

I've decided to challenge myself in 2014 to learn the countries of the world. Here's what I currently know without cheating (if I misplaced a country it isn't in this list).

23 Dec 2013

I'm redoing this blog in preparation for 2014 when I'm going to be setting myself some challenges: writing a blog post every week; learning all countries of the world; learning the guitar; running the 10 miles from work to home.